Volunteer Opportunities

Be a NARP Ambassador in Washington, DC

Are you good at helping people get where they're going? Do you enjoy engaging others in conversation about things that are important to you? Are you passionate about bringing better passenger train service to America? Do you live in the greater Washington, DC area?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you are an ideal candidate to be a volunteer NARP Ambassador. NARP Ambassadors are the helpful folks who staff NARP's kiosk at Washington, DC's Union Station (next to Gate G in the Amtrak boarding area). By putting a friendly face on the Association, NARP Ambassadors play a key role in making NARP more well-known among the train-riding public, and thereby a more effective advocate for passengers.

The NARP kiosk is fully-enclosed, features two swiveling benches, and a lockable cabinet where extra copies of NARP's literature are stored (and you can also safely store your belongings while volunteering). 

You can staff the NARP kiosk for as little as two hours each week, or three hours every other week. We will give you a key to the kiosk and cabinet (same key for both) and an instruction manual, and NARP staff and volunteer coordinators will be available to assist you, by phone or email, at any time should you need it.

The NARP kiosk is at a prominent location inside Union Station, so you will often be asked questions by travelers coming and going. Even if the visitor does not express interest in NARP, we encourage you to at least hand him or her a brochure or newsletter. If a visitor wants to get updates from NARP, you can invite him or her to sign up for our email list on the provided sign-up sheet.

Are you ready to become a NARP Ambassador? Please email us at narp[at]narprail.org or call (202) 408-8362 to get started.

As of now, Washington Union Station is the only NARP kiosk location. NARP is considering placing kiosks inside other large Amtrak stations throughout the country.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Here are just a few ways that NARP members are helping to spread the word about passenger train advocacy and NARP's work in their communities. If you are interested in doing one of these in your community, or if you have another idea (we're all ears!), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 202-408-8362.

  • Receiving regular deliveries of NARP membership brochures and newsletters and leaving them for others to take aboard trains (in the café or lounge car), in train stations, at coffee shops, libraries, gyms, houses of worship, or other public places where there are community literature racks.
  • Doing NARP outreach on a college campus by hosting a table at a student fair or speaking to a class or student organization.
  • Speaking to local civic and business organizations about the importance of better passenger train service and how it benefits the economy and quality of life.
  • Writing letters (postal or email) to elected officials at all levels of government about why passenger trains matter, followed up with phone calls, so that you get to know your elected officials and their staffs.
  • Other work that helps the traveling public, such as being a volunteer station host or caretaker at your local Amtrak station.
  • Organizing a meeting of NARP members in your local area to discuss current events affecting passenger train service and strategize towards affecting improvements.

You should also reach out to the local passenger advocacy organization in your area to see what volunteer opportunities they have available.