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Purchase this NARP exclusive CD collection of historic bluegrass songs promoting train travel, recorded in 1973, and $3 from each sale goes to NARP to support our advocacy work.

The CD, People, Trains and Things in Bluegrass, features songs by Lucas and Harmon Brothers, and is produced by NARP member Earl Eargle's Passenger Train Music Productions. The original recordings reside in the Library of Congress. These songs are not available any other way (except for a very few copies of the original vinyl LP available from resellers), as this CD is not listed on Amazon.com and the songs cannot be downloaded as MP3 files.

Plus, a free gift will be included with every CD order!

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Song List & Descriptions (Click on any title that appears in blue to download an MP3 audio sample):

1. Amtrak - Instrumental depicting a fast-moving Amtrak train traveling down the main line of America

2. People Trains - Captures the excitement of boarding a fine Amtrak train for a trip on the "silver rails"

3. The Southern Crescent - Tells the story of the "pride of the Southern Railway system," which the Southern operated until Amtrak took it over in 1979.

4. Auto-Train - About America's first train carrying people and their cars, from the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC to the Orlando, Florida area, which was operated by a private corporation from 1971 to 1981 and revived by Amtrak in 1983.

5. Asheville Special - Depicts the joy of a ride from Salisbury, NC through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Asheville, NC on a train the Southern Railway ran until 1975. Restoring passenger service to this route is part of NARP's 40-year Vision for a more robust national train network.

6. Turbo Train - Celebrating a technology which at the time was thought to be the future of passenger railroading, and was once widely used in Europe and Canada.

7. Lexington County Blues - High-stepping instrumental typical of the music of the South Carolina midlands, composed by Claude Lucas, Jr.

8. Trail of Tears - Historical account of the plight of the Cherokee Nation.

9. The Legend of Dr. Kron - Tells the story of a beloved physician of Stanley County, NC

10. Brick Mason Blues - Dick Harmon's working man's song done in true bluegrass style.

11. Have I Lost Your Love - Story of a lover serving time in prison because of his strong love for a woman.

12. The Living Word - The Lucas and Harmon Brothers' original gospel hymn.


To order, simply send check or money order for $14.00 to:

M. Earl Eargle, Manager

Passenger Train Music Productions

3025 Blalock Dr

West Columbia, SC  29169-3603