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Fiscal Year 2015 Senate Appropriations Statement Apr-25-2014
Fiscal Year 2015 House Appropriations Statement Apr-11-2014
NARP Goals & Recommendations for Passenger Rail Reauthorization Sep-03-2013
Answering Questions from Reps. Denham & Brown Jul-15-2013
Letter Endorsing Anthony Foxx's Nomination as Transportation Secretary Jun-27-2013
Letter to T&I Chairman Bill Shuster in Defense of the National Network Jun-11-2013
Testimony for House T&I Hearing on Cost Drivers of Passenger Rail May-17-2013
House Appropriations Statement: Fiscal Year 2014 Apr-29-2013
Answers to Rep. Corinne Brown’s “for-the-record” follow-up questions (Sept. 20 hearing) Nov-02-2012
Testimony at House T&I Committee Hearing on Amtrak Funding Sep-20-2012
Letter to Conferees on Surface Transportation Authorization May-08-2012
FY 2013 Senate Appropriations Statement Apr-20-2012
FY 2013 House Appropriations Statement Apr-20-2012
Statement to Senate Appropriators on 2013 Funding Mar-22-2012
March 19, 2012 Statement to Senate Appropriators Mar-19-2012
Advocates for California’s High-Speed Rail Line Speak of State’s Growing Transportation Needs Jan-15-2012
Testimony at Hearing on “High-Speed Lessons Learned” Before the House T&I Committee Dec-06-2011
NARP’s President On High-Speed Rail Lessons: Program Critically Important to Development of National Passenger Rail System Dec-06-2011
Letter to Congressional Conferees on FY 2012 Transportation Appropriations Negotiations Nov-09-2011
Letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Oct-13-2011
Fiscal 2012 House Appropriations Letter Aug-02-2011
Opening the NEC to Private Competition for the Development of HSRail Jun-29-2011
Competition for Intercity Passenger Rail in America Jun-22-2011
Statement on “Competition for Intercity Passenger Rail in America Act” Jun-21-2011
Statement on opening NEC to private competition for high-speed development Jun-09-2011
Statement to the Senate on FY 2012 appropriations Apr-29-2011
Statement for House hearing on reducing regulatory burdens Apr-07-2011
Private sector participation in passenger train service Mar-11-2011
Northeast Corridor High-Speed Rail Jan-27-2011
FY 2011 Senate Appropriations Statement Apr-23-2010