Federal High-Speed Rail Grant Factsheets

The federal government has made $10.1 billion worth of grants to states under the High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) investment program since 2009. These investments have already created thousands of new jobs and spurred economic development in downtowns near present and future stations. Over the next five years, travelers will begin to enjoy notable improvements in speed and reliability in many well-traveled corridors.

Read the Federal Railroad Administration’s complete summary of HSIPR grants and complete descriptions and rationales for selected projects (PDF).

It is up to passenger train advocates to push the facts about the tremendous positive impact these grants have had, given that scores of critics have been spreading misinformation in order to paint the program as wasteful.

You can share (via email or social networks or by printing a hard copy) the following Federal Railroad Administration factsheets (PDFs) with friends and family, and use them as bases for letters to the editors of local newspapers, or for letters to your elected representatives on the federal, state and local levels.