Become a NARP Leader

Are you passionate about giving Americans better transportation choices? Are you ready to play a greater role in our movement? If so, and you have been a NARP member for at least a year, please consider apply to become a member of the Council of Representatives, NARP's governing body.

Council of Representatives members are elected by the general NARP membership on a state-by-state basis in January of every even-numbered year, with state representation based on a formula that gives even weight to a state's NARP membership and general population. There are also up to 10 at-large Council seats, which are elected by the Council at its Spring meeting on even-numbered years. NARP Officers and members of the Board of Directors (who are also elected by the Council on even-numbered years) are also Council members.

Membership in the NARP Council of Representatives is open to any individual US resident who has been a dues-paying member of NARP for at least one year. The Council meets three times each year: in April in Washington, DC, and two other meetings in various locations across the country accessible by Amtrak. Council members who miss more than one meeting without notifying NARP staff of their absence will be relieved of their duties. Council members must attend at least two of the four meetings occurring during their two-year term in office, in person or by designating an alternate, in order to be qualified to seek re-election.

The current Council’s term of office started March 1, 2012, and ends February 28, 2014.

The next biennial election for State Representatives will take place in January 2014.

The application deadline for those seeking election as State Representatives was December 1, 2013. However, you may still apply for State Representative at any time and be considered by the Board of Directors for an interim appointment to a vacant seat.

You may also apply to be elected as a Representative At-Large. These will be elected by the Council at its Spring meeting on April 30, 2014 in Silver Spring, MD. The application deadline for Representative At-Large candidates is March 28, 2014.

If you wish to run, or seek re-election, please fill out a Candidate Information Statement

The Council elects the Board of Directors, amends NARP’s Bylaws, and establishes general goals and directives for the Association.  It meets twice yearly: in spring at or near Washington, DC and in fall at another location.  

Serving on the Council is a wonderful chance to collaborate with others who have a common interest in improving passenger train service across the country.  Representatives serve two-year terms and are responsible for travel costs and meeting fees.  

Any legal resident of the 50 states and the District of Columbia who is at least 18 years old and has been a NARP member in good standing for at least one year is eligible to run.

In states with contested races, every NARP member will receive a ballot in the mail in January.  To be counted, a ballot must be in our office by Feb. 15, 2014.

A list of qualifications for becoming a Council member is below

Are you interested in being elected to the Council of Representatives?  Please take the following steps:

1. Read the position description:

2. Fill out our Candidate Information form.

3. Click “Submit” to email the completed form to us or print it and mail it to NARP, 505 Capitol Ct. NE, Suite 300, Washington, DC, 20002.


Qualifications of State Representatives  Each candidate for election as a State Representative shall:

(a) Have been a Member in good standing of the Association for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the closing date for nomina¬tions. The Board of Directors may waive this requirement by majority vote in instances where an exceptional candidate cannot comply, provided that the candidate is a Member in good standing at the time nominations are accepted.

(b) Submit to the Nominating Committee a candidate information statement on a form approved by the Board of Directors.

(c) Be a legal resident in the state they seek to represent and at least 18 years of age.

Election of State Representatives
The Board of Directors shall adopt policies and procedures: to ensure that each Member in good standing receives a ballot containing the names and qualifications of candidates; and to establish a method for tallying, reporting and certifying the results of the election. Such procedures shall include specifying a record date for determining the Memberships entitled to vote in each state, such date to be no more than 60 days before the distribution of ballots to members.

Automatic Election. When the number of candidates for State Representative in a given state after the closing date for nominations, or at any subsequent time before the date of the election, is the same as or fewer than the num¬ber of State Representative positions to be elected, those candidates shall be deemed elected as of March 1. The distribution of ballots and the conduct of an election in that state shall not be required.

Unfilled Positions. Any unfilled State Representative position shall be considered vacant.

Balloting. Each Membership shall be limited to one vote, even if an individual is a member of more than one membership class or if the Membership includes two or more individuals. Except as otherwise provided by these Bylaws, State Representative candidates receiving the highest number of votes in each state shall be the State Representatives from that state.  Any ballot cast by a person known not to be a Member in good standing of the Association, or on which the vote cast is not clear will be disallowed.  Each Membership may vote only on those State Representatives nominated to represent the state in which the Member resides.

Elected Representatives at Large

The Council of Representatives may have up to 25 Representatives at Large, including up to10 of whom shall be elected by the State Representatives at the Council of Representatives Annual Meeting in each even-numbered year beginning in 2010 (the “Elected Representatives at Large”), and the Officers and Directors of the Association. The purpose of having up to 10 Elected Representatives at Large is to add to the Council individuals whose position, knowledge, experience, credentials, prominence or financial support bring special expertise, credibility and/or resources to the Association.

Qualifications of Elected Representatives at Large.  Each candidate for Elected Representative at Large shall:

(a) Be a Member of the Association in good standing prior to his or her election.

(b) Submit to the Nominating Committee a candidate information statement on a form approved by the Board of Directors.

(c) Be a legal resident and at least 18 years of age.

Election of Elected Representatives at Large.  Elected Representatives at Large are nomi¬nated and elected by the State Representatives at the Annual Meeting of the Council of Representatives in even-numbered years. Election of Elected Representatives at Large may be done through a voice vote unless there are more candidates than positions, in which case printed ballots shall be used; ballot counters shall be non-candidates.

Term of Office.  Except as otherwise provided in Article XV of these Bylaws, State Representatives and Elected Representatives at Large shall serve two year terms and until their successors are elected and qualified, as follows:

(a) Each State Representative shall hold office for a term of two years beginning March 1 in even numbered years.

(b) Elected Representatives at Large shall hold office for a term of two years beginning immediately upon their election at the Annual Meeting of the Council of Representatives in even numbered years.

(c) Any Representative may resign at any time by written resignation lodged with the President.

Requirement for Re-Election. To seek re-election, State Representatives and Elected Representatives at Large shall:

(a) Have remained a Member in good standing of the Association during their term of office;

(b) Submitted a candidate information statement on a form adopted by the Board of Directors;

(c) Have met the minimum meeting attendance requirements established by the Board of Directors.

For purposes of this paragraph, any person who was elected a State Representative or Elected Representative at Large in the immediately preceding election is considered to be “seeking re-election” even if he or she resigned subsequent to such election.

Vacancies.  Any vacancy occurring in the Council of Representatives shall be filled by the Board of Directors after consultation with the appropriate Officers, Directors and Representatives. A person elected to fill a vacancy shall serve the unexpired term of the person whose vacancy s/he is filling.

Membership requirement. All Representatives must be and remain dues paying Members of the Association in good standing during their term in office. Failure to meet this requirement will result in automatic removal from office.

Number of State Representative seats allotted to each state for the 2014-2016 term:

State Number of State Representative Seats
Alabama 1
Alaska 1
Arizona 2
Arkansas 1
California 12
Colorado 2
Connecticut 1
Delaware 1
District of Columbia 1
Florida 5
Georgia 2
Hawaii 1
Idaho 1
Illinois 5
Indiana 2
Iowa 1
Kansas 1
Kentucky 1
Louisiana 1
Maine 1
Maryland 3
Massachusetts 3
Michigan 3
Minnesota 2
Mississippi 1
Missouri 2
Montana 1
Nebraska 1
Nevada 1
New Hampshire 1
New Jersey 3
New Mexico 1
New York 8
North Carolina 2
North Dakota 1
Ohio 4
Oklahoma 1
Oregon 2
Pennsylvania 5
Rhode Island 1
South Carolina 1
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 1
Texas 6
Utah 1
Vermont 1
Virginia 4
Washington 3
West Virginia 1
Wisconsin 3
Wyoming 1
Total 112


Council of Representatives Meetings

NARP's Spring 2014 Council of Representatives meeting will be held Monday-Wednesday, April 28-30, 2014 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Silver Spring, MD (8727 Colesville Road, four blocks from the Silver Spring Metrorail/MARC station). NARP Day on Capitol Hill (free for all NARP members to attend) will be Tuesday, April 29, with meeting activities taking place Monday and Wednesday. Please check back in January for further details.


NARP's Fall 2014 Council of Representatives will be held Saturday-Sunday, October 18 & 19, 2014, at the DoubleTree Suites in Salt Lake City, UT (formerly Embassy Suites, 110 West 600 South, one block west of S. Main St, which hosts UTA Trax light rail service, connecting to the Amtrak/FrontRunner station and the airport). Details to be posted in July 2014.


Presentations Delivered at Past NARP Council Meetings

Fall 2013 (Jacksonville, FL)



Locations of Past Fall Board of Directors and Council of Representatives Meetings

Each year's Spring meeting takes place in or near Washington, DC. The location of each Fall meeting is decided the previous year by a vote of the Council at its Spring meeting.

2013 - Jacksonville, FL

2012 - Milwaukee, WI

2011 - Los Angeles, CA

2010 - Grand Rapids, MI

2009 - Saint Louis, MO

2008 - Portland, OR

2007 - Charlotte, NC

2006 - Austin, TX

2005 - Minneapolis, MN

2004 - Denver, CO

2003 - New Orleans, LA

2002 - Emeryville, CA

2001 - Dallas, TX

2000 - Pittsfield, MA

1999 - Toronto, ON, Canada

1998 - San Diego, CA

1997 - Santa Fe, NM

1996 - Saint Louis, MO

1995 - Seattle, WA

1994 - Portland, ME

1993 - Chicago, IL

1992 - Flagstaff, AZ

1991 - Milwaukee, WI

1990 - Atlanta, GA

1989 - Whitefish, MT

1988 - Sacramento, CA

1987 - Chicago, IL

1986 - Portland, OR

1985 - Glenwood Springs, CO

1984 - Kansas City, MO

1983 - Boston, MA

1982 - New Orleans, LA

1981 - San Francisco, CA

1980 - Detroit, MI

1979 - Denver, CO

1978 - Chicago, IL

1977 - Chicago, IL

1976 - Chicago, IL

1975 - Chicago, IL

1974 - Chicago, IL (first meeting of the large Board of Directors)

Prior to 1974, the Board only consisted of 7 Directors plus the Chairman, who met quarterly at the NARP office in Washington, DC.

Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award


The Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award is an annual award from the Burch Family to the railroad worker who has done the most to improve the safety of railroad passengers. The award includes $1,000. Dr. Burch was chief of the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Eisenhower Hospital at Fort Gordon, Ga. He was one of eight passengers who died July 31, 1991, at Lugoff, S.C., while travelingon Amtrak's Silver Star. It derailed at a switch that the National Transportation Safety Board later said was "poorly maintained."


Dr. Burch's wife, Bette, was traveling with him and was injured. Later, she and her children (Michael Burch and Kathryn Burch Pettyjohn), after consulting with NARP, decided to establish the award, with the goal of improving passenger rail safety. NARP solicits nominations from railroads, commuter railroad agencies and rail labor. The Burch family consults with an advisory committee convened by NARP and then selects the award winner.




The Burch family and NARP are pleased to invite your company or organization to submit nominations for the 20th Annual Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award. Please note that we welcome multiple nominations from the same organization, and also accept nominations from individuals. The Burch Family has funded and presented the award to honor the railroad employee judged to have done the most to improve the safety of railroad passengers. The award includes a plaque and one thousand dollars, and will be presented during NARP's Annual Spring Congressional Reception at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C., held Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

Nominations must be received at our office by Friday, March 14, 2014.
(Presented by the Burch Family)
PURPOSE To recognize the individual railroad employee judged to have done the most to improve the safety of railroad passengers in the year just concluded.
ELIGIBILITY All employees of railroads and agencies which operate or contract for the operation of intercity passenger or commuter trains (as distinct from local mass transit) or whose tracks are used by such trains.
NOMINATION CRITERIA The choice of selection criteria shall be the prerogative of each nominating railroad, authority or union, but consideration should be given to the employee who: A. Identifies and reports or corrects a passenger-threatening hazard and thereby prevents a possible accident or serious injury. B. Initiates and fosters (by ideas, programs or other means) an atmosphere that promotes superior safety performance and awareness with respect to railroad passengers
NOTES Organizations are encouraged to submit more than one nomination. This year, as was the case last year, nominations also will be accepted from individuals. Personal acts of heroism shall not be a consideration for this award. The committee is particularly interested in front-line workers whose job description duties are not specifically related to safety (e.g. “Safety Coordinator”), including track inspectors and track workers, and in work "beyond the job description" by all nominees. Please also note that the employee need not be directly involved in the operation of trains—the 2008 award winner was an Amtrak police officer. A nominating carrier need not run passenger trains for its own account; it is enough to simply host passenger trains operated by others. Operation Lifesaver activities should not be the only activity to recommend a candidate.
NOMINATING PROCEDURE Nominations shall be submitted in the form of a typewritten letter not to exceed two pages in length. Nominations recognizing accomplishments in 2013 must be received by Friday, March 14, 2014. They must be sent to:
The National Association of Railroad Passengers
Attn: Burch Award
505 Capitol Court, NE, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002-7706
Fax: (202) 408-8287 (Voice: 408-8362)
E-mail: narp[at]
Such nominations will be forwarded to the Burch Award Advisory Committee.


Recipients of the Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award

Wayne Solomon Chicago and North Western engineer
Billy Parker Amtrak engineer
Lenore Slimbock Amtrak assistant general manager
Jolene Molitoris Federal Railroad Administrator
Patrick Corcoran Union Pacific engineer
J. F. Garrard Amtrak conductor
Allan Thomas Amtrak chef
Damian Garden Amtrak maintenance-of-way supervisor
Henry Marcell Amtrak engineering safety director
Gordon Bowe Union Pacific conductor
Steven Tomlinson Amtrak safety liaison
Lanny Wilson, M.D. Chairman, DuPage Railroad Safety Council
J. Wes Wilkins Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes (BMWE) Safety Liaison
John "Jake" Mumford Amtrak Police Department Detective
Dwayne Meadows Norfolk Southern Bridge Supervisor
John Bernal Amtrak Mechanical Foreman
Blair Slaughter Amtrak Industrial Design Manager
Michael Trosino, Steven Chrismer and Marty Perkins, Sr. Amtrak Industrial Design Manager





  • NARP Awards
    Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award

    The Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Safety Award is an annual award granting $1,000 to the railroad worker who has done the most to improve the safety of railroad passengers. (includes history and list of recipients)