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Chicago to Los Angeles: two-thirds of a continent, 528 city-pairs, and one train September 17, 2012
New Jersey Transit: A Remarkable Statewide Mobility Network September 13, 2012
Amtrak breaks ridership records, but Congressional attacks continue September 12, 2012
Getting to the Conventions: A Tale of Two Cities' Travel Choices September 11, 2012
Volunteers hit the streets to spread the word over Labor Day September 5, 2012
NARP responds to GOP Platform attacking Amtrak August 30, 2012
Hurricane Isaac Interupts Transportation Across the Southeast August 28, 2012
Airlines shrink seat space as they struggle for profits August 22, 2012
The Public Gets It: Trains are Underfunded August 16, 2012
Hopping the Local: Pressing the Case (Part 3) August 15, 2012
Hopping the Local: Eyes on the Track Ahead (Part 2) August 14, 2012
Hopping the Local: Moving Right Along (Part 1) August 13, 2012
Much ado about cheeseburgers [Updated] August 9, 2012
Illinois DOT's begins week of passenger rail outreach August 8, 2012
Making the Trains Run On-Time August 8, 2012
Amtrak's Historic Announcements: An important piece of a strong national network July 31, 2012
Amtrak launches eTicketing nationwide July 30, 2012
Is Amtrak's vision for Washington Union Station too expensive? July 26, 2012
Amtrak's Big Plan for Washington Union Station July 25, 2012
Combating the no-growth, no-development outlook on infrastructure July 24, 2012
AARP promotes train travel July 19, 2012
What about those "subsidies?" July 18, 2012
Amtrak updates bold, 30-year vision for the Northeast Corridor July 11, 2012
High Speed Rail has its day on ‘The Hill’ July 11, 2012
NARP Council Member goes above and beyond for Cardinal passengers July 9, 2012