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Are US crashworthiness standards “dooming” passenger rail? June 18, 2013
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Help preserve the National Network! June 11, 2013
Is investing in the future really a "risk"? May 30, 2013
Americans aren't happy with auto dependence May 29, 2013
New Swiss study: it’s not just the farebox May 28, 2013
National Train Day 2013 Roundup May 13, 2013
The Multi-Modal Era is Upon Us (Again) April 25, 2013
President Pushes Bold Plan for Passenger Rail April 10, 2013
Amtrak breaks another ridership record April 10, 2013
NARP responds to another attack on trains by CNN's Anderson Cooper March 28, 2013
Why Long-Distance Trains Matter March 4, 2013
NARP member’s vision map draws coverage, spurs action February 21, 2013
Leaders Agree: Infrastructure is Critical and Congress Must Pay for It February 14, 2013
High Speed Rail Returns to State of the Union February 13, 2013
19th Annual Dr. Gary Burch Memorial Award February 11, 2013
NARP Members Making Things Better for Passengers in Michigan February 7, 2013
NARP Members Now Save 20% on Alaska Railroad Train Fares! February 5, 2013
Revised NARP-Midwest HSR White Paper Depicts Value of National Network Trains February 1, 2013
Streetsblog "Keeping CNN Honest" -- You Can Too! January 31, 2013
World Bank Report a Boost for Passenger Train Investment January 30, 2013
“Praising and Pushing” for a Rejuvenated Chicago-St. Louis Corridor January 29, 2013
NARP responds to Anderson Cooper's attack on trains January 28, 2013