NARP Vision

NARP believes the current Amtrak system is skeletal at best. Experience has shown that when additional frequencies are added to existing routes, revenues rise faster than costs. When new routes are added, ridership on connecting routes also goes up. The NARP Vision map below shows NARP's Grid and Gateway proposal, which provides a firm basis for a truly national system. All routes shown are assumed to have at least two round trips daily to maximize utility and connection possibilities .

NARP's Vision


Click here for a high-resolution version of the NARP Vision Map

Click here for a high-resolution version map of the present Amtrak system (as of March 2013)


The NARP Grow Trains Campaign

Welcome to the web home of the National Association of Railroad Passengers’ 40-year vision for rail in the United States. We aim to shift discussions over intercity passenger rail to emphasize connectivity and capacity expansion for both freight and passenger rail.  Visit the links below for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact NARP (202-408-8362, narp[at] if you want further information or to give us your feedback.  We are particularly interested in your observations about specific proposed routes on our map, since you live closer to—and may know more about the potential—for many of this routes.  You can also read our news release about our vision.


» Organizations Endorsing the Grid and Gateway Vision

Endorsement of NARP"S Grid and Gateway Vision does not imply a commitment to any specific service or financing plan. Endorsements are statements of support that more passenger trains and transit are beneficial to their states andcommunities. The following organizations endorse NARP’s Grid and Gateway plan for the expansion of the national passenger train network:

If you’d like your organization’s name to be added, please email us: narp [at]


» Regional “Zoom In” Maps

Compare it to the existing system we have now.

These graphics are internet-friendly.  Please contact the NARP Office if you would like to have a high resolution copy of the map suitable for publishing and poster printing.



» Download “packet” of Vision Material

Includes news release, map, FAQ’s, and Fact Sheets individually linked below, all in one PDF file.  Click here to download.


» Q&A About NARP’s Vision

A list of commonly asked questions about our plan.  Feel free to contact us if you have others not listed here!


» Fact Sheet: The Grid and Gateway

A parity in route miles

  • There are currently 22,000 route miles of rail lines (one land mile = one route mile, regardless of how many tracks are on that mile of land)
  • NARP’s proposal will bring the number of route miles to 45,000 – roughly the same size as the current interstate highway system.
  • The interstate highway system has grown from its initial 41,000 miles to 47,000 miles in 2004.

An increase in communities served

  • Today, many big metro areas have little or no Amtrak service.
  • NARP’s proposal would have meaningful service in all major metropolitan areas and a majority of the smaller ones.

Providing a transportation choice people demand

  • In 2006, a Harris poll indicated that 79% of adults would like to see an increasing proportion of traffic going by intercity or commuter rail.
  • According to a 2005 study by the Surface Transportation Policy Project, people living in communities with few transportation options devote the greatest share of their family budget to transportation costs.


» Fact Sheet: Congestion


» Fact Sheet: Travel Choices


» Fact Sheet: Energy Efficiency


» Fact Sheet: Environmental Impact