NARP's organization

Regular members

A person becomes a member by filling out a membership form and paying the annual dues. Regular members are not required to attend meetings or do any specific work. Most of our members are also a member of their local state association of railroad passengers, and may participate to whatever level suits them.

NARP has tens of thousands of members nationwide, organized by state. Each state is allocated a number of state representatives based upon population and Congressional representation. In November of even-numbered years members may file  to run for a state representative seat for a two-year term. The nominating committee will vet each candidate to ensure they meet all requirements specified in the By-laws. When elected as a state representative, they are also members of the Council of Representatives.

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Council of Representatives. Being a member of the Council of Representatives involves a serioius commitment of both time and money. Council Reps receive no pay for their work. In fact, they usually spend a considerable amount of money just to attend Council meetings. NARP normally holds two Council meetings per year. The spring meeting is normally held in late April/early May in the Washington, DC area. Hotel costs, registration fee and travel expenses arfe borne by the Representatives. Council Reps are expected to attend meetings as specified in the Bylaws in order to be eligible for re-election. Simply attending the meetings will usually cost several thousand dollars per year in registration, hotel and travel expenses.

Members with special skills may run for a limited number of At-Large Council seats, becoming Council members if elected. These position are elected at the spring meeting of even numbered years, and only Council members may vote.

The Council meetings are held under the provisions of Robert's Rules of Order. Although general members may attend and participate in debates if they wish, they are not allowed to present motions or vote at Council meetings.

General members who are qualified may also opt to run for election to the Board of Directors or officer positions. Board and Officer positions are filled by the Council of Representatives at the spring meeting in even-numbered years. The Board normally holds a teleconference each month, and an in-person Board meeting normally on the day before the Council meeting. The latter meetings are open to the general members. Since the teleconferences have a strictly limited time period, non-Board members are allowed to participate only if invited. The Board may have up to 15 positions, of which seven are officers: the Chair, four Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer.

For further details, consult the NARP Bylaws



Position Descriptions

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Vice Chair for Legislative Policy and Strategy

Vice Chair for Marketing and Resource Development

Vice Chair for Mission Accomplishment

Vice Chair for Service Policy and Strategy




Division Leader

State Council Representative

At-Large Council Representative